Yintan New Energy Heating Service Center was established

Yintan New Energy Heating Service Center was established

Yintan New Energy Heating Service Center, 878 square meters, located in the northeast side of the "City living room" of Yintan Fortune Culture Park.

Mainly equipped with three service functions: First, the new energy heating product show lobby area is more than 400 square meters, mainly used to screen new technology products suitable for silver beach winter, focus on display promotion. According to the wishes of residents, he warm products can be selected, and the promotion of the local centralized heating of the distributed new energy is explored.

In the early stage, Yinfu New Energy Technology Company’s solar "light +" heating system, the water savings of the smart energy group can heating equipment, the steam of Geli new energy, low-image heat pump direct expanded heating products, Hua Gaoliol Compound Ground Heating Film Intelligent Health Products, Japanese Technology Brought by NCE Regenerative Heating System, Products are exhibited in the hall.

The second is to provide Yintan Residents’ self-heating consulting services to open a silver beach new energy heating service window, providing consulting services for the Site-Site optional heating products, free design of personalized heating specific solutions, which have targeted resident heating. The third is that Yintan New Energy Heating Smart Management Service Platform According to the distribution of 122 residential districts and heating status of Yintan, combined with new energy heating and service needs, building a high level of intelligent heating management service platform, for silver The supporting transformation of the new energy heating in the beach provides standardization, intelligent management and service.

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