Telling oil painting spring story witnessed Shenzhen Dafen Legend

Telling oil painting spring story witnessed Shenzhen Dafen Legend

  Born in the state, longer thanks, working in the Si Wenhui, full of happiness and feeling, using ", 有 与" to describe his mood, justice. When Dafen appeared in the excavator, scaffolding and architectural workers wearing a hard hat, Yan Wenhui as if he heard, Dafen oil painting village’s pair of wings were issued a huge sound of "flapping". Drawing: In the pursuit of original and Dafen, a lot of life is unknown, go to the sea, the highlights of Dafen Oil Painting Village, shining the road of countless oil painting creators, so that it will eventually come here Dream, looking for poetry and distant in oil painting. Drawing the old forest, it is one of them.

  Taken approach the old forest in Dafen Oil Painting Village Old Wai’s studio, couple two people are drinking tea chat, a beautiful picture of a quiet life.

Van Gogh is a replica of "Sunflower", flashing golden gloss at the door, welcoming each visitors. The studio is mostly original work, the biggest original work – "Shenzhen", is relying on the painting room, silent display of the hardship and pride of the creator. This work was successfully selected for the ninth national (Dafen) Youth Oil Painting Exhibition.

  The annual forest said that it is difficult to choose the young oil painting exhibition in the country (Dafen). Since the exhibition, it has attracted a positive participation of young and middle-aged painters across the country. Every year, there are thousands of people to participate, and the ten exhibitions collected more than 20,000 pieces, with more than 1600 works.

  The annual forest is a Fuzhou, Jiangxi, and he likes to paint from a small entrance examination, and the college entrance examination participates in the scene of the two years.

In the days of the soldiers, the dream of the dream is always stirring.

After the end of 2001, he began to go to Fujian Quanzhou to learn the art, step into the field of commercial oil painting production.

Under the leadership of Master specializing in the production skills of Mediterranean, he mastered foreign trade oil painting order production processes. "I feel that Dafen Oil Painting Village is simply oil painting creators and enthusiasts.

"At the time, the publicity of the media on Dafen Oil Painting Village can be described as a vastness, so that the old forest in Fujian is full.

At the beginning of 2008, he took the beginning of painting. He chose to come to Shenzhen Chengjia. In Dafen, he rented this only 3 square meters of studio, and began to carry out various survival pressures. . It is not the professional art school from him, only diligent study and hard work, it is possible to find a foothold in this master. "I used to be a painter before, I realized that it is difficult to become a painter, I want to make a fortune through painting.

It is difficult to stick to the present if you like it. "A plain discourse is more important to see Jutong.

Fortunately, under the city, the two-level governments attach importance to and dominant, Dafen often holds a painting competition, the country’s sketch, etc. .