Understand the root method of grasp history (academic essay)

Understand the root method of grasp history (academic essay)

  General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "The history of materialism is the fundamental method of our Communists understand the history of history.

"Marx, Engels regards" historical science "as" a single science ", they use the historical view of the history of the history of the deep historical archives to make historical research have scientific theoretical guidance and methodological basis, and misleading people before The ideological understanding of ideological understanding has been criticized, thus opening up the pathway of historical research.

The historical material is to form the correct historical thinking, and promote academic development provides scientific theory and effective methods. It is to accelerate the construction of Chinese characteristics, academic systems, and discourse systems.

  Humans don’t know your own history correctly from the beginning. The creation of historical materialism illuminates all the research explored in the dark, it sweeps the historical history of history into a scientific business. The historical history has established a towering monument in the history of human understanding. Is it possible to use the historical objective to become an important watershed in scientific research history, and it has become a test stone in the historical research. More than a hundred years ago, Li Dazhao used the history of the Maximan to spread the historical research in Chinese history, and promoted China’s history by traditional history to the Maxist’s historical science. "After the period, the history of history, It is growing.

Under the guidance of material materialism, my country’s historiography has emerged from Guo Moruo, Fan Wenzhao, and Hu Ji, Lu Zhenyu, Houyou, Hu rope, etc. The origin of Chinese civilization, the installment of ancient China, China’s feudal economic form, farmers’ war history, Abea production methods, historical evaluation issues, etc. have achieved pioneering results.

Not only that, but the major historical research workers also integrate the results of the scientific research history into the great social revolution leaders in the Communist Party of China, and strive to make the research results and the era of development, contribute to the development of the party and the people’s career. The study always rushed to go. Problems in historical research, there is historical, and there is still a period of time.

Marx pointed out: "The problem is the slogan of the times, it is the most practical voice of its mental state.

"The object of historical research is in the past, and it is now the present and future.

Historical research workers adhere to the historical materialism, and to find the era of historical research under the guidance of a material materialism, firmly establish the awareness of the times and make historical research more social responsibility and historical mission.

Standing in the forefront of the times, combining contemporary theory, knowledge, experience, methods, trends and historical understanding activities, and thus new understanding of history issues, new expressions are written. To have a problem awareness, use the Marxist standpoint method to find the problem, research issues, not only to "seek real recovery", but further pursue "seeking truth", continuous revealing historical development On the basis of law, actively expand the depth and breadth of historical research.

From the perspective of the depth, it is necessary to use the historical concept of materialism to study the origin and development of Chinese civilization. The birth of China’s early countries, the formation and development of national nationalities, the modern transformation of Chinese ancient society, China’s modernization process and civilization, the world of Chinese revolution Significance and contribution, major issues in China’s road history development and contemporary development; from the broad distance Correctly understand and carry out the exchange of Chinese and foreign civilization exchanges, revealing the road and law of human social diversification development. Engels believes that "history is all of our". " Historical research is the foundation of all social sciences. The majority of historical research workers should study the important discussion of General Secretary Xi Jinping on Historical Science, and always adhere to historicalism, explore historical development rules, and give full play to the role of the knowledge of the ancient tribute, and to promote the development of my country. Contribution.

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