When the firefighter of Anhui fell, he did not release the girl’s hand, and the officially called the martyrs’ assessment.

When the firefighter of Anhui fell, he did not release the girl’s hand, and the officially called the martyrs’ assessment.

Extreme News Reporter Li Xiancheng video editing Xuan Yao November 12 at 10:12 AM, a firefighter in Mengcheng County, Anhui Province, was unfortunately fell in the building.

On the morning of the 13th, the extreme news reporter learned that the firefighters of the saving people have sacrificed unfortunately (extreme news, the first report: Anhui firefighters fell to the building, and they were unfortunately sacrificed).

For the relevant situation of Chen Jianjun assessed the martyrs, the local propaganda department responded to its extreme news, and it is currently under understanding. In the previous report, witnesses around the incidents of the incidents have told the extreme news reporters, and the women’s year is about 50 years old. She got up on the top of the 12th morning, waiting for a few hours, but because of the building There are many workers who have worked hard. Everyone did not realize that the woman has a light thought, I thought she was only a working worker. "The fire and the police arrived at the scene after receiving the alarm, and arrived at the scene. The woman is deadlocked at the roof for about an hour, and this woman has no reply during this process.

The eyewirl introduced that the rescue site has paved the safety air cushion. The firefighters are also safe, but because the woman keeps running on the roof, the safe air cushion is not completely spread, I don’t know which place she wants to do. jump down.

The rescue firefighters flooded from the top of the roof, and the injury was heavy. On-site video shows that even when he falls with the light woman, the firefighters Chen Jianjun have never released the woman’s hand.

On the morning of the 13th, "Zhangzhou Fire Online" WeChat public number invited firefighters Chen Jianjun "Shen Jing, brother, all the way."

Source: Anhui Fire Online Information shows that Chen Jianjun, male, Han nationality, Huainan, born in July 1997, September 2014 Station combatants, participate in all kinds of fire fighting and rescue fighting more than 1300 times, evacuating more than 100 people in rescue people. In multiple platform review areas, the national netizens expressed deep mourning and painful sacrifice of Chen Jianjun, and there were a number of Chen Jianjun’s comrades. "All the way, brothers.

"Netizen message screenshots for sacrificing firefighters Chen Jianjun’s evaluation, at noon on the 13th, the staff of the Mengcheng County Party Committee told the extreme news, and the assessment situation was unclear, and in further understanding, it is still in further understanding. Tickets. The reporter dials the telephone call by the fire rescue team in Anhui Province.