Shining spirit stimulates fiery youth

Shining spirit stimulates fiery youth

The table sings "Dare to teach the sun and the moon to change the new heaven".

Recently, Wang Rongzhen was photographed, the performance of "Celebrating the Centennial of the Ceremony and the Month of the" Two Booths and One Star "spiritual education activity month" was staged wonderfully at the University of Strategic Support Forces Aerospace Engineering University. This exhibition is the advantage of the university to play red resources. The form of a report reported in the form of the performance shows "Reading ‘Two Booths and One Star’ Book, Two Booths, One Star," The result of one star ‘passing person ". The theme of the performance is "Youth to the Party Centennial Road · Endeving the 20th National Congress", which is divided into two chapters of "struggle career" and "no regrets youth". Reappear the touching story and feelings of the generation of aerospace officers and soldiers to dedicate youth and blood to the motherland’s aerospace industry. In the scenario, immersive, and experiential literary exhibitions, officers and soldiers express their love of the party and patriotism, show their upward spirit, further boost the spirit of the officer entrepreneurship, and the new vitality of stimulating responsibilities. The exhibition kicked off in the exciting melody of the chorus "Under a Order": "The wind and sand, the cold and cold, the smoke and smoke depths in the desert, and vowed to let the republic stand up with the waist …" On the stage, young students clenched tightly. The iron, picking heads, and steel guns in their hands reproduced the hardships of the 20th Corps of the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army to the vast Gobi Beach to carry out construction. "Trees have roots and water -oriented. You say that science has no national borders, but scientists have the motherland …" The singing "Return" tells the touching stories of scientists such as Qian Xuesen and Zhu Guangya in response to the call of the motherland and hesitated to join the socialist construction. "Stunning things, people who are anonymous.

That shocking thunder is our youth … "The melodious melody sounded, and the audience could not help but hum. The lyrics are also an oath without regrets. Participating in the performance of the university’s three pairs of co -school work together, their simple and sincere performance infected the audience. Among them A doctoral couple -Cui Haichao and Li Xiaolan.

  "The story of ‘husband and wife tree" we are familiar with. Today, I saw the colleagues and couples who dedicated to the front line of teaching and research. Li Xiaolan and I were deeply moved and motivated. Your own wisdom and youth.

"After the performance, Cui Haichao said with emotion. The singing" Dare to teach the sun and the moon for the new heaven "," two bombs combined "seven warriors", and the sound poetry and painting "A Shi Shu" vividly reproduced the new Chinese defense science and technology workers in Gobi Beach. The scene of hard struggle has encouraged everyone.

"Please rest assured, the strong nation, me!" "Please rest assured, the strong army has me!" In the auditorium, the vowing vow staged people’s hearts.

  "Flying the" Chang’e ", retrieved the moon soil to realize the dream of the moon; send the‘ 天 “’ far away, remotely control ‘Zhu Rong’, and realize the dream of exploring the fire … ”Recitation of“ Flying Song Song ”leads everyone to look back at the glorious achievements of Chinese aerospace.

"Refresh China’s Height", "The Powerful Power has Meet Me", "Decisive Time", "The Heart of the Mountains and Mountains" … A song sings the style of aerospace officers and soldiers in the new era, pushing the atmosphere to the climax.